My name is Tim Ressmeyer. I started Ressmeyer Partners to help executives leverage their unique strengths to overcome obstacles, find their passion, and achieve their potential and purpose. The Certified Professional Coaches at Ressmeyer Partners each have an extensive background as corporate leaders and use that experience to better understand your individual needs. Through customized services rooted in 1:1 coaching, we will help you grow, succeed, and have an even greater impact on those you lead. I encourage you to reach out to our team to discuss how we can be a partner in your professional and personal life.

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Impactful and Meaningful Life,
Leadership and Executive Coaching
From Two Former Corporate Professionals

I support high level executives and leaderwithin business and academia to “show up” in the powerful and impactful way that will serve them both professionally and personally. We will build on the success you’ve already had by heightening your self-awareness, helping you acquire new skills and set goals all while both challenging you and championing you.

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How would you feel if you were able to deal with career or life transitions from a highly conscious perspective that would strongly increase your comfort and clarity and leave you excited and energized about what lies ahead? I can help you design a road map to where you’d like to go and hold you accountable to decisive actions that will get you there.

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“Tim Ressmeyer means to my career as an administrator what the Ninth Symphony probably meant to Beethoven. Tim was able to orchestrate all my skills in perfect harmony to allow me to read beyond the score. He guided me to reach new heights of awareness, not only about my own energy but the energy of others, which in return helped me to become a more relevant leader”

- Dr. Washington Garcia, Dean, Stetson University School of Music
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Tim's New BookThe Impact of Confidence

Confidence is the number one growth opportunity for leaders, according to executive and leadership coach Tim Ressmeyer, Ph.D. In this highly practical book, the author integrates insights and experience from his years working in nonprofits, higher education, corporate, and as an entrepreneur running a coaching company. The book uncovers the impact of confidence in seven critical dimensions of a leader’s life including leadership, passion, connecting, change, advancement, relationships, and control. The author combines a unique perspective that acknowledges that every leader is also a person, and the intersection of the personal and professional cannot be ignored. Each chapter includes an innovative “Taking Action” section that provokes reflection and actions the reader can take to make the desired improvements. You’re being coached to success right through to the very end of the book and beyond!

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