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Taking Control of Your Future: Lessons from a 93 Year Old

90s February 11, 2020

I recently wrote the blog Your 50s Are Your Magic Years!  The premise is there are lots of people in that age group struggling to figure out how to plan for what’s next. I offered a framework to reinforce that they have many gifts to offer and suggested how to take control and move forward with confidence. I […]

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Why Change Can Be Powerful!

Change Can Be Powerful November 12, 2019

Are you like many people who shudder at the word “change”? Do you tell yourself and others “I’m just not good with change”? Change can evoke emotions like uncertainty and fear. It’s understandable to be resistant to change. But, the reality is that The Only Constant in Life is Change. It happens. It’s there – […]

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Your 50s are Your Magic Years!

50 year old October 1, 2019

Turning 50 is a big deal. What I’ve learned through my coaching – and my personal experience – is the entire 50s decade is a bigger deal. I believe it’s a magical time for leaders who want to figure out what is next.

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Kickstarting Your Own Onboarding: How to Get Started in a New Role

Adult at Computer July 24, 2019

I recently wrote another article for Burtch Works’ blog. It is the second part of a two-part series on successful onboarding. Part One examined best practices for companies onboarding new employees. In Part Two, I examine how employees can take charge of their side of the process. Read the article

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Reinvention v. Version Development: Ressmeyer Partners 2.0

June 18, 2019

I don’t like the term reinvention with respect to career or life changes. It makes it harder than it needs to be. One definition is to invent again or anew, especially without knowing that the invention already exists. You are starting over unaware that you already have what it takes to seek the happiness, success, […]

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My Home Life is Killing Me at Work – and Vice Versa

Home Life Work April 4, 2019

It’s hard to do it all. It’s hard to be your best at work when things are hard at home. It’s hard to be your best at home when things are hard at home. Carol (C-Suite Exec): “I’m thinking about taking this new job. I’m ok in my current job, but the money in this […]

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Article Featured in Burtch Works Blog

Burtch Works March 20, 2019

Burtch Works, a market research recruiting company, recently featured one of my articles in their blog. Entitled “Onboarding Best Practices: Setting Up New Employees & Leaders for Success”, the article provides insight into the on boarding process and six critical steps for onboarding new employees and leaders. “For both the leadership team and the new […]

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You Can’t Fix Idiot

You Can't Fix Idiot March 14, 2019

“He’s and idiot.” “She doesn’t get it.” “He’s such a slacker.”  Leaders are not immune from saying such things, hearing them from their team, and allowing them to inform their management decisions. You can’t fix idiot. Labeling someone – using judgment terms – is easy when team members are making mistakes or not living up […]

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Fireside Chat at The Metropolitan’s Entrepreneurs Club

Fireside Chat March 1, 2019

Thank you to The Metropolitan’s Entrepreneurs Club for inviting me to speak at their fireside chat this week. I shared my own experience transitioning from 20+ years in the corporate world to my coaching career. We also discussed the ups and downs, opportunities, and confidence that comes from stepping out on your own.

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Even Successful Leaders Fall into a Hole Now and Then

Climbing Out of a Hole February 22, 2019

Kristen started, grew, and sold a company. The liquidity event was very, very beneficial for her. She had since moved to a new role in another company. She wasn’t the CEO this time, and was brought in by a friend to serve as a transformational leader in this new organization. Things weren’t going as planned. […]

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