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The Impact of Confidence: 7 Secrets of Success for the Human Side of Leadership

Confidence is the number one growth opportunity for leaders, according to executive and leadership coach Tim Ressmeyer, Ph.D. In this highly practical book, the author integrates insights and experience from his years working in nonprofits, higher education, corporate, and as an entrepreneur running a coaching company. The book uncovers the impact of confidence in seven critical dimensions of a leader’s life including leadership, passion, connecting, change, advancement, relationships, and control. The author combines a unique perspective that acknowledges that every leader is also a person, and the intersection of the personal and professional cannot be ignored. Each chapter includes an innovative “Taking Action” section that provokes reflection and actions the reader can take to make the desired improvements. You’re being coached to success right through to the very end of the book and beyond!

The Impact of Confidence comes to life for the reader with examples of experiences Tim has had with coaching clients at all levels of organizations. Rather than just giving lists of things to do as a leader, the impactful skills and techniques unfold as he describes how they have been applied and brought about success for his clients. The result is an accessible narrative that makes you root for the client, and want to use the skills you just witnessed.

The author’s personal story is woven into an introduction that details his own successful journey of running a coaching business that was a pivot from his long career as a corporate executive. The transparency he shares of the highs and lows of making such a change helps the reader see him/herself in the realities of uncovering one’s passion and having the confidence to step into areas they might have been reluctant to pursue.

To help establish a framework for the leader reading the book, the author offers the 4 C’s of Leadership as the first chapter. This aligns confidence with the other key leadership components of connecting, competence, and culture. He contends confidence is where it all begins, and it’s helpful to see how that aligns with the three other impactful dimensions of leadership.

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“Aspiring and successful leaders rely on cognitive frameworks to make sense of complex organizations, interpersonal relationships, and contexts. Tim Ressmeyer’s extensive work as an executive coach helped him to formulate a practical and accessible framework for personal and professional growth in leadership capacity and resilience, built on the principles of confidence, connecting, competence, and culture. Tim’s book is rich with stories from his own experience and those of his clients. He offers us a useful framework for building confidence authentically and provides exercises to help the reader apply principles to one’s specific situation. It’s a quick read filled with wisdom and insight and worth investing the time, whether one is at the beginning of a leadership journey or in search of a new adventure.”

Mark A. Heckler, Ph.D. President, Valparaiso University (IN)
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