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A mid-career professional was frustrated with a lack of a clear growth path within his company. He felt unappreciated and underutilized by his current management team. His situation had led him to believe the only option was to radically change course and look for jobs in other companies or even another industry. Early in the assessment phase, he realized he was looking at his situation through a lens of low energy and blaming others for his problems. This had shut down any vision for what could happen in his current company. He also came to realize that looking for a new job while in such a negative place would derail any real opportunities or land him in a similar situation.

Coaching focused on shifting his own energy and overcoming the blocks that were holding him back from being full engaged. As changes began to happen he was able to clearly seize opportunities that were beneficial but he was unable to see before. The new internal job he took was a significant step up, more in line with his own goals, and allowed him to work with a boss for whom he has a great deal of respect. In this new role, the coaching emphasis was to help him be keenly aware of what success would mean, how to rise to the new challenges, and how to be an effective leader in the new role.

His longer term roadmap may still take him outside of the current company, but the decisions he makes will be from a higher level of consciousness with clearer alignment to his own values and goals.

Three factors were converging on the 50-year-old owner of a successful marketing company and he wanted to make solid, strategic plans for his future. First, he wanted to make decisions about his current company. His options included sell it right away, grow it and then sell it, or keep it as is without investing much more. Second, he was presented with a new business opportunity. If he took this on he knew it would impact the time he could spend with his existing business as well as require certain management skills he had not used effectively in the past. Finally he (and his wife) realized that his work/life balance was not the way it had been in the past and this was causing stress at home.

The coaching program focused on uncovering how he reacted to stress in general, what his true core values were, and what measures he could take to be a more effective manager. Through this new lens, he was able to more effectively make the decisions around his priorities for his current business, overcome the fears of the new opportunity, and be sure that each of the decisions he made were in line with the values of both himself and his family.

A mid-career Director wanted to relocate to be closer to family across the country. A few positions were emerging as possibilities. Some were “safe” and would give a foothold where she wanted to live, but were not really what she wanted. Another position was very exciting but perceived to be “out-of-reach”. Through coaching, the reasons why this role was thought to be unattainable were challenged and uncovered internal assumptions and limiting beliefs that weren’t necessarily true. She pursued and received the job, and is successfully running an agency as Executive Director.

The COO of a mid-size corporation knew he could be a better leader and although the culture of the company wasn’t terrible, there were certain dynamics he felt could be changed to improve the overall performance of the company. A six month program was proposed which would include Energy Leadership assessments of five key leaders, monthly group workshops for the five leaders, and weekly one-on-one coaching. The result was improved performance by each individual leader as they became aware of their own strengths and areas for growth and had a coach help them make the changes. The workshops provided a forum for efficient learning of key coaching principles and buy-in from leaders as they were all “hearing the same thing at the same time.” The unified, sustained program successfully shifted the overall energy of the company and its employees.


“Tim Ressmeyer means to my career as an administrator what the Ninth Symphony probably meant to Beethoven. Tim was able to orchestrate all my skills in perfect harmony to allow me to read beyond the score. He guided me to reach new heights of awareness, not only about my own energy but the energy of others, which in return helped me to become a more relevant leader”

- Dr. Washington Garcia, Dean, Stetson University School of Music

“Tim is great to work with. He is very approachable and makes you feel comfortable talking about complex issues. I first started seeing him when I was at a crossroads looking to make a career switch. This was a scary/daunting process to me. By listening and asking the right questions, he was able to help uncover my skills, values, passions and strengths. From there he broke down the entire process into smaller and actionable pieces, and ultimately helped me execute on those pieces.”

Charlie Harris, National Sales, C.H. Robinson

“I can’t say enough great things about Tim’s coaching. Admittedly, I was skeptical that I’d get anything of value out of coaching, but Tim proved me wrong. I worked with Tim while I was starting a new consulting business, and was being held back because I was either dreading or avoiding many of the essential tasks. Tim helped me reframe my perspective and I was able to develop incredible positive energy around what used to be the most draining “chores.” I owe a lot of my recent success (and job satisfaction) to Tim’s great advice. I highly recommend him!”

Michael Himmelfarb, Principal, H. G. Partners

“Tim has been a wonderful coach to me, helping me both professionally and personally. He has a very approachable and flexible style, yet he also was able to bring discipline, structure and a proven process to help me explore my energy, passions, values, strengths and how these apply to my personal and professional priorities. He has been a great resource for me and I highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for leadership coaching and mentoring. Thank you Tim!”

Erik Long, President and Founder, Long Growth Strategies

“Tim has been truly instrumental in shaping my lifelong career trajectory. Through identifying my unique strengths and helping me realize how to best apply them, Tim not only boosted my productivity on a day-to-day basis, but his insightful ‘big picture’ perspective also gave me the confidence I needed to make a bold transition from the private sector to academia.”

Gregory Sharp, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

“I am so grateful that I have an incredible coach in Tim Ressmeyer who deeply ‘gets’ me, my priorities & where I want to go professionally. He is able to come up to speed on my questions and help me move forward by eliciting from me a few details about the backstory and uncovering assumptions I might be making. By his meaningful questions, wonderful leadership background and awesome listening skills, Tim coaches and gently challenges pre-conceptions that might be keeping me from seeing my best available actions. In working with Tim I find I am able to not only consider alternative approaches to my question at hand but also, in the process, able to discover new ‘tips & tricks’ I can use in the future.”

Kali Klena, Senior Product Management Lead, IBM

“Working with Tim has had a huge impact for me both professionally and personally. Tim’s intelligence, thoughtfulness, and care, combined with his pragmatic, goal-focused approach helped guide me through complex and difficult decisions. Tim helped me develop a set of skills and tools that I rely on daily in both my career and in my personal life to help guide my decisions and manage relationships. Working with Tim has had a huge positive influence on my life and career – I would highly recommend him.”

Dave See, Strategy, Flashtalking

“Tim has been my coach since the beginning of 2016 and he’s been enormously helpful. His approach is hard to find – insightful observations paired up with practical, implementable take-aways. He is also more organized and thorough than many coaches I have come across. If you ask for ‘homework’ he will not forget to ask you about it at your next meeting. I know my career and happiness have moved forward at a faster pace because of his help.”

Lisa Dieter, CFP®, Founder & Wealth Advisor, EmberHouse

“Nothing I can write can fully capture the respect I have for Tim Ressmeyer! Tim was not only an incredible boss but also the mentor who has made the biggest impact in my career. His genius is managing and motiving people in a way that allows them to pull from their own unique talents and insights. After working with Tim, I went from a rather skittish, young manager to someone who really enjoys managing teams and being in front of a wide range of clients. I’ve been truly lucky to have worked for him!”

Claire Bruce, Client Director, Toluna

“Tim is everything that you can hope for in a professional coach. He is personable yet professional and has great expertise in executive coaching. He understands the complex world that an executive is navigating and has a real talent for asking the right questions and then listening. Tim pushed me to look at things a little differently and helped me through difficult situations and decisions. I trust him implicitly and recommend him without reservation.”

Anne Carlson, Founder and CEO, Jiminy's

Tim has a way of connecting with people that enables them to establish trust immediately. He has deep business and leadership experience, which is coupled with his passion to be a great coach. This combination contributes to accelerated growth as an engaged leader and grow your business. I highly recommend Tim as someone that will support you in reaching your business and life goals.

Tim Matthews, Leadership Consultant, Tim Matthews Group

“Tim is a great coach. He has a comfortable manner, helping you get a deep understanding of where your head is. Tim helped me redirect my energy to areas where I could make progress. At the same time he helped me discard routines that hampered my productivity and mood. Tim was also great at practical strategies for the job search, both traditional roles as well as consulting and contracting engagements. He was a real asset to help me land a new and very rewarding career path.”

Scott Metcalf, Senior Associate Program Director, University of Chicago

“Tim is an amazing life coach. I worked with him to help me focus my multiple interests and careers into one manageable work plan. He helped provide a unique perspective on my work that I couldn’t see without his help while offering generous support and guidance. He’s the kind of guy who will check in on you during the week, make sure you’re doing well. After our time together, I am feeling much more clear about my direction in life. I developed a sustainable work plan (with Tim’s help!) that has allowed me to be more calm and less stressed. I highly recommend him.”

Laura Kinker, Marketing and Project Coordinator

“When I first started working with Tim I was at a cross road unaware of how my energy level impacted my family and those at work. With the support and guidance from Tim I was able to gain an awareness of my strengths, an ability to recognize the opportunity in everything I did, and most importantly, a roadmap to becoming a much better person. I am so personally grateful for what I was able to accomplish working with Tim. And, I am not the only one who noticed a change — ask anyone around me.”

Thomas McGuire, Vice President Digital and Analytics, Genpact

“During a recent extended career search, I was referred to Tim by a close colleague who spoke very highly of his creative approach and solid Client results. After several consultations with him, I was totally re-energized and gained a new perspective on the “conversational interview”. I would strongly recommend Tim for both career and leadership coaching, along with his positive wisdom and advice.”

John Klimah, MBA, CSPO, Senior Product Manager, Zebra Technologies

“I attended my first Happy Hour Coach event this week. I walked away with a great sense of Tim in action. Tim asked intentional questions to get you thinking in a different way and to drill down to the root of WHY you were feeling a particular way in a challenging environment and what would happen if you did nothing within your control to change it. He got you thinking outside of the box. As a coach myself, this was very inspiring to witness. This is a must attend event!”

Sheila Peterson, Life Coach

“Tim is a great coach; he listens, he remembers, he asks thought provoking questions and he challenges you. After 12 sessions Tim helped me to change my outlook and gave me a greater appreciation for how my energy and perception can really influence the outcome of a discussion. Tim gave me a framework to reflect on my strengths, my values and helped me gain clarity about the direction I should take my career.

I highly recommend Tim, I have gained a greater level of self-awareness, self-belief and confidence to move forward with a positive attitude.”

Melanie Hopwood, AVP IT Program Management, PURE Group of Insurance Companies

“First, Tim is GREAT! I met Tim at an AMA networking event in 2013. Someone suggested I speak with him given I was beginning a career transition. While I haven’t formally been one of his clients, Tim and I have met a few times over coffee and he has given me lots to think about as I navigate this shift. His style is very personable and nonjudgmental. He wants to see people doing what they love and being happy in their careers. Tim asks hard questions that get you really thinking about what’s important to you and provides very practical coaching on how to achieve your goals. I’d recommend his services highly to anyone who is considering a career change.”

Chevy T. Williams, Head of Analytics, NowPow

“Tim Ressmeyer is a great transition and life coach, who is on the leading edge of understanding human dynamics and helping leaders break thru the challenges they face every day in a way that gives them satisfaction, growth and achievement.”

Lesa Miller, Real Estate Broker, eXp Realty LLC

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