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Forbes: "Four Things Leaders In Higher Education Can Do During A Crisis"

Tim has written another article for Forbes. This article focuses on leaders in higher education during COVID-19.

COVID-19 is impacting every aspect of our world, and our institutions of higher education are at the tip of the spear. There are four things leaders at our colleges and universities can do to keep moving forward during these challenging times.

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Forbes: "Why Academic Leaders Need To Focus On Leadership Development"

Forbes recently published an article I wrote entitled, “Why Academic Leaders Need To Focus On Leadership Development”. This is the first full-length article I’ve written for Forbes. It follows numerous articles in which I am quoted on a broad range of leadership topics.

The new article highlights the need for leaders within higher education to focus on leadership skills. I provide clear steps that department chairs and senior administrators can take to improve leadership development.

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Forbes: "11 Ways Brand-New Managers Can Build Rapport With Their Team"

I am quoted in a March 11, 2020, article in Forbes. The article provides methods for improving rapport with your team as a new manager.

“Employees want to trust their new boss. Trust requires a feeling of connectedness as well as seeing competence: you know what you’re doing. Build this trust through a genuine desire to listen and learn from the team. Also, you were hired for a reason. You have the skills to move the team forward. Step into this role with confidence. The trust you create early will serve you for a very long time.”

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The Hero’s Journey Economy™ Podcast

Tim was a guest on a podcast that explores the trends and people that are propelling us into what host Mike Bruening calls The Hero’s Journey Economy™. Tim discusses his work as a professional life coach and the ways individuals can transform their futures using tools they already have.

The series projects that our current experience-based economy is now evolving into something new where people are longing for purpose, and this quest for personal transformation will be the basis of this next market era called the Hero’s Journey Economy™.

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Forbes: "14 Key Considerations When Choosing The Right Team Incentives"

I am quoted in a January 14, 2020, article in Forbes. The article looks at the things team leaders should be mindful of when planning the incentives they intend to offer to their group.

“Incentives are what motivates human behavior. Different things motivate different individuals. It may be recognition (awards, public praise), money (raises, gift cards), time off, professional development, bonuses, promotions, access to senior leadership, ability to work on innovative projects, etc. One size does not fit all, and your employee will appreciate you seeing them as an individual.”

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Forbes: "Boosting Confidence In Your Personal And Professional Life: 15 Effective Methods"

I am quoted in a January 13, 2020, article in Forbes. The article provides methods for improving personal and professional confidence.

“‘Confidence’ is a vague, squishy term. We are all confident in some areas of our lives and not so much in others. Look at how well you are doing on the components of confidence (e.g. articulating a viewpoint, knowing your strengths, speaking to groups, having clear goals) personally and professionally. Select one or two areas to focus on and engage in behaviors to boost confidence in those areas.”

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Forbes: "Feeling Anxious About Your Business? 16 Ways To Cope With Entrepreneurial Stress"

I am quoted in a January 9, 2020, article in Forbes. The articles provides tips for coping with entrepreneurial stress.

“Having support from others is crucial to entrepreneurial success and avoidance of the overwhelm of stress. This requires honesty and vulnerability of the entrepreneur to be able to ask for support, whether it be emotional, financial, technical, skills-based, etc. Ask family, friends or other professionals to be there for help throughout the journey. And lean into them—they want you to succeed too! ”

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John Spence: "Four Amazing Business Books That I Highly Recommend"

“The Impact of Confidence: 7 Secrets of Success for the Human Side of Leadership” is one of four books recommended by John Spence in his blog.

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Forbes: "15 Ways To Level Up Your Negotiation Skills"

I am quoted in a December 21, 2018, article in Forbes. The articles provides tips for improving your negotiating skills. Below is my quote.

“If you go into a tough negotiation feeling like someone will be doing you a favor by giving you a raise or investing, you’ve already lost. Going in knowing the value you deliver will give you the confidence to advocate for yourself. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and ask yourself what would impress you about that person who is asking for the money.”

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Forbes: "15 Tips For Re-Energizing The 'A-Players' In Your Business"

I am quoted in a December 19, 2018, article in Forbes. The article provides tips for re-energizing the “A-Players” in your business team. Below is my quote.

“You’re already showing emotional intelligence by seeing they’re not performing as they can. Take the next step and show that empathy by asking them what’s going on. Really listen, and ask the curious questions. Listen, and don’t try to fix. Coach them through the process, and together you can uncover what’s going on and together discover a path forward.”

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Forbes: "15 Tricks To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Make The Sale"

I am quoted in a December 13, 2018, article in Forbes. The article provides advice on how to break out of your comfort zone to help improve your sales performance. Below is my quote.

“If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, quit your job. You are not begging someone to buy, you are doing them a favor by offering them the chance to buy something that will help them or their business. When you truly believe this, you can then listen to them, understand what their needs are and tailor your message to help them out.”

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"The Impact of Confidence" article in the Daily Herald

This article appears in both the Daily Herald and the Daily Herald Business Ledger.

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Forbes: "11 Lessons About Leadership Transition We Can Learn From Retirement"

I am quoted in a December 29, 2017, article in Forbes. This article provides insight into leadership transition. My quote is below.

“The way a leader (or any employee) is treated as they leave the company says much about the company. ‘Esteemed’ leaders should be treated with respect, as should those who “didn’t work out.” They were there for a reason. People deal with change differently. Those who remain will have a range of emotions, fears and hopes. Good leaders coach others through this to keep the ship moving forward.”

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Forbes: "Revamping Your Company Culture? Follow These 16 Tips"

I am quoted in a July 16, 2017, article in Forbes. The article provides tips on revamping your company culture. Below is my quote.

“Culture shifts occur when two things happen. First, senior leadership has to be willing to believe in and role model the new values. Secondly, the values have to be authentic at all levels. When the tablets are handed down from the mountaintop and the followers are told how to behave, culture change fails. When employees are asked what’s important to them, authentic values are created.”

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Forbes: "Promoted From Peer To Leader? 17 Ways To Make A Smooth Transition"

Forbes has quoted me in their June 29, 2017, article on transitioning to a leadership role. Below is my quote.

“You’re getting the new role for a reason. You’re good. You bring things to the table that will help you be an amazing leader. Your team needs you to move forward confidently while making it clear to them you value their engagement to create something great. Trust them to contribute. Help them play to their strengths. Do what you uniquely can do and allow them to own their unique roles as well.”

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