Coaching for Business Partners

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Being in business with a partner is a double-edged sword of an amazing opportunity balanced against the potential for disaster. It is an alliance whose genesis is often based on friendship and excitement, then advances into getting in bed together in a high-stakes relationship.

A lack of intentionality to foster the alliance can lead to financial failure and broken relationships. The statistics are well  documented for the percentage of new business partnerships that fail.

Taking a very personal approach to the unique situation of the business partnership, Ressmeyer Partners coaching supports each individual as well as the business relationship. Individual values, strengths, and goals are uncovered and mapped to the goals of the organization to create success.

Individual and facilitated group coaching sessions are held and focus on the unique needs and might include:

Custom programs are developed to bring about rapid change to address the most pressing concerns, as well as establishing a foundation for ongoing success.

I encourage you to read this blog post more insight into my approach to business partner coaching.

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“Tim is everything that you can hope for in a professional coach. He is personable yet professional and has great expertise in executive coaching. He understands the complex world that an executive is navigating and has a real talent for asking the right questions and then listening. Tim pushed me to look at things a little differently and helped me through difficult situations and decisions. I trust him implicitly and recommend him without reservation.”

Anne Carlson, Founder and CEO, Jiminy's
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