Coaching for Executives

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Coaching for Executives

Leaders at all levels in organizations have the opportunity to be even more effective. Through executive and leadership coaching, these individuals can achieve their personal and professional goals at a higher level.

The goals of custom programs for leaders include:

  1. Learn skills and tools for rapid, increased impact
  2. Enhance management competency
  3. Uncover obstacles and blind spots that are limiting effectiveness
  4. Increase successful onboarding and promotions
  5. Embed coaching as a leadership skill to bring about sustainable improvement across the company.
  6. Provide companies with a valuable service to their employees.

Customized executive leadership coaching programs include assessments, one-on-one coaching, workshops, and additional resources as needed.

A standard program begins with the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment and debrief for every participant. This tool captures how individuals currently respond in both normal and stressful situations and identifies what is or is not working for them.  With coaching, they then learn techniques to be more effective. Research indicates that people who use their energy more constructively are more successful at work, in relationships, in their work/life balance, and even financially.

One-on-one executive and leadership coaching creates the foundation for organizational programs using the Energy Leadership™ process. For senior executives there are unique stressors that few can relate to or appreciate. Executive coaching using professional coaches who have experience as senior leaders themselves creates a highly effective engagement.  For junior through mid-level managers there is the opportunity to help them understand how to succeed now as well as plan ahead for what is next on their career trajectory.

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Why Coaching?

The primary focus of coaching is to help you be the very best you can be, and to inspire and champion you to success. We so often get in our own way, and the independent voice of a professional coach can help you uncover those things holding you back, and to help you move forward rapidly.

Coaches differ from other types of professionals. A therapist typically focuses on problems rooted in the past – why things happened. Mentors serve as role models and show how they got to where they are. A sports coach focuses on winning, win-lose decisions, and perfecting your form/game. Friends and family mean well, but have an agenda of their own that is connected to your outcomes.

Coaches offer clarity, professionalism, confidentiality, accountability, challenge, partnership, and forward-looking action.

More About Coaching for Executives

We're happy to share some insight with you to help you understand our approach to corporate executive and leadership coaching.

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What's Next?

Wherever you are in your life and your career - in transition, seeking growth, or already planning your next move - our coaches partner with you to help make your next steps as effective as possible. Take a look at our services and bios to explore who we are, who we work with and how we do it!

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