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Leadership is how you interact with everyone, including yourself. Whether you manage a company with thousands of employees, run a small business, are self-employed or retired – you are a leader. Losing sight of your capacity for leadership can lead to a lack of confidence, diminished ability to get things done, or confusion about what’s next.

​Even when you’re on a successful path, there are times when you are not at your peak level of performance and want to figure out how to get over the next hurdle and have sustainable confidence.

Customized coaching programs are developed based on the unique position you find yourself in at this point in time. Contact us directly to discuss how we can work together. 872-666-1710 /

Why Coaching?

The primary focus of coaching is to help you be the very best you can be, and to inspire and champion you to success. We so often get in our own way, and the independent voice of a professional coach can help you uncover those things holding you back, and to help you move forward rapidly.

Coaches differ from other types of professionals. A therapist typically focuses on problems rooted in the past – why things happened. Mentors serve as role models and show how they got to where they are. A sports coach focuses on winning, win-lose decisions, and perfecting your form/game. Friends and family mean well, but have an agenda of their own that is connected to your outcomes.

Coaches offer clarity, professionalism, confidentiality, accountability, challenge, partnership, and forward-looking action.

More About Personal Life & Purpose Coaching

We’re happy to share some insight with you to help you understand our approach to personal life and purpose coaching.

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“I had never thought about working with a professional coach before connecting with Tim. After several months of working together, I can honestly say he has been a terrific partner who has elevated my self-awareness and helped me more clearly articulate my goals and needs. He brings a balance of empathy, objectivity and professionalism that works extremely well for someone (like me) who was looking for a specific blend of career and personal coaching.”

J.G., Chicago
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