Professional Group Coaching

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In order to bring about productivity and growth, groups within an organization need to learn effective leadership skills to manage within their group and across the organization. Teams often break down if they haven’t learned the skills to ensure success.

Ressmeyer Partners delivers proven and impactful programs geared to the specific needs of the group. The engagements are customized to the specific needs of the organization and can include a combination of one-on-one and group coaching.

Areas of focus often include:

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See also Happy Hour Coach® for “group coaching in the spirit of a happy hour.”

“Tim is a great coach. He has a comfortable manner, helping you get a deep understanding of where your head is. Tim helped me redirect my energy to areas where I could make progress. At the same time he helped me discard routines that hampered my productivity and mood. Tim was also great at practical strategies for the job search, both traditional roles as well as consulting and contracting engagements. He was a real asset to help me land a new and very rewarding career path.”

Scott Metcalf, Senior Associate Program Director, University of Chicago
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