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Ethan Fryer-Ressmeyer

​​”Coaching is incredibly powerful – it has helped countless people make sense of their current landscape, figure out what’s getting in their way, and move into a place of conscious choice. Personally, coaching created the space to develop and refine my leadership style and to navigate personal and professional transitions with confidence. It helped me find purpose, direction, and success in my career and has afforded deeper and more meaningful connection in, I kid you not, every relationship in my life. I have chosen this path because I want to help you do the same for yourself, your relationships, and your organization.”

Ethan is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from iPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching), a Certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Ethan brings over a decade of leadership experience from a Fortune 50 engineering firm where he coached senior leaders, led strategy and implementation for enterprise-wide coaching programs, developed executive training content and strategy, and led highly integrated, cross-functional technical engineering teams. His success in the corporate setting was rooted in intuitive critical thinking and a relentless drive to help others achieve professional success aligned with their personal growth and satisfaction.

The motivation to support others in their development and to achieve tangible, sustainable results are front and center in Ethan’s coaching.

Ethan brings objective, non-judgmental perspective and partners with clients to raise their awareness and uncover the external and internal blocks that are holding them back. He leverages his diverse background, corporate expertise, passion for service and the process of Core Energy Coaching to help individuals and teams forge clear paths that are aligned to their values and mission.

Ethan has experienced first-hand the individual and organizational cultural shift made possible by engaging in professional coaching. His mission is to create powerful culture for everyone everywhere – including you! Whether you’re seeking growth and achievement or facing a transition, things are changing. Send Ethan a message today to discuss how you can partner to navigate your next steps as effectively as possible.

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“Ethan is a very compassionate and intuitive coach both professionally and personally. He has a very direct, yet smooth style that allows me to explore my energy and values in a variety different perspectives. He has been an extremely valuable resource, helping me find new ways to approach my business and personal relationships overall. I highly recommend Ethan to anyone looking to increase their communication and connections within their business and personal relationships!”

Johnny Carmona, Owner/Agent at Carmona Insurance Agency - State Farm, Las Vegas, NV

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