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Confident Decision-Making: Using Your Values to Achieve Success

Happy Hour CoachHappy Hour Coach® Webinar
Wednesday, February 10, 2021
5:00 pm EST

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We make decisions all the time. Sometimes the super-important decisions (jobs, relationships, relocating, etc.) cause stress and an inability to pull the trigger and make a decision. The result can be increased frustration, missed opportunities, or a feeling of being stuck.

We are typically unhappy or unsure of ourselves if we don’t have a clear framework to make those important decisions. In this complimentary, interactive webinar, the coaches will walk participants through a process of identifying their core values, and learn how to use them as a tool when making decisions.

HAPPY HOUR COACH® provides “group coaching in the spirit of the happy hour.” Led by professional coaches, the group gathers in a comfortable virtual setting and engages in forward-focused conversations around important topics in their lives. Grab your favorite beverage and relax and learn all at the same time.

Coaches: Tim Ressmeyer, Ph.D., PCC, and Kerri Ressmeyer, ACC

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