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Posted January 30, 2014

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Welcome to Ressmeyer Partners blog! We help successful professionals who are feeling stuck tap into their own, unique sources of energy and motivation in order to achieve their potential, passion and purpose.

Look to this blog for ongoing information and conversation around leadership, career trends, self-mastery, coaching, encouragement, and all sorts of things to help you be successful and happy in your life and career.

As a social scientist, educator, marketer, analyst, and coach I love to gain information from all sorts of people and places, share it, and have conversations around what it all means to help us live our lives more fully. Having been around for a number of years, I have also developed a long list of adages and mantras that I look forward to sharing and discussing as well.

I encourage you check out the ressmeyerpartners.com website for details around all the coaching services we offer and be sure to JOIN our mailing list. Follow us on Twitter @TRessmeyer.

Thanks and take care!


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