Happy New Year!
Posted January 6, 2022

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New Year 2022

I want to congratulate you on your resilience in the face of volatility and uncertainty this past year.

We often take for granted our value and the things that make us amazing. We put our heads down and get through the hard stuff and we don’t always see how fantastic we are during the good stuff. 

I encourage you to take a minute and acknowledge that the past 2 years have been objectively difficult. Whether you’ve navigated a career transition, coped with the loss of a loved one, discovered how you want to thrive, lent a helping hand or reached out to someone for support – you’ve done so at an incredibly challenging time! Don’t ignore the things YOU did to make that happen and to get where you are right now. 

I’m fortunate enough to have been able to spend part of the holiday with family in Tucson, Arizona. My sister and I spent lots of time talking about and reflecting on past jobs, friendships, relationships, challenges we’ve faced, etc. In a moment talking about an uncomfortable experience – one that would be easy to brush aside and move on from – I (semi-jokingly) said, “we honor the past in this house!” 

It was a joke because 1. it wasn’t my house, and 2. confronting the past can be hard and uncomfortable! It can be so easy to turn our back on hard times, but when we do, we lose sight of the experiences that make us who we are. This has turned from a running joke to a running mantra. By accepting, loving, and forgiving (honoring) our past challenges, we create space to grow and to move forward as our own, unique selves. 

There will continue to be much out of our control in 2022. In the moments of overwhelm, frustration, and toleration, I invite you to acknowledge the challenges, and remember the strength, resilience, and creativity that got you here.

As we step into the new year, we have an opportunity to press pause and think about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’d like to go. I offer some questions below to help guide new year reflection.

If you’re a current client, feel free to bring your discoveries into your next session! If you’re not, our doors at Ressmeyer Partners are always open for partnership!

Whatever comes next, you’ve got this.




What was the best thing about the past 6 months?

What was the biggest challenge?

How was life in the realms of work, relationships, finances, health, community, and home?


What are a few things, big or small, that bring satisfaction in my life right now?

What things are most important to me in my life right now?

Is there anything that feels missing in my life right now?


How would I like things to be 90 days from now in the realms of work, relationships, money, health, community, and home?

How could I create one or two goals from these desires?

On December 31, 2022, if you’re reflecting on the past year, what would you like to say you’re most proud of? 

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